A Really Good Contact Us Page

Do you need a Contact Us page? Would your contact details and an email link at the bottom of all pages work just as well? Ideally we could all have a Contact Us page like Eddie Hobbs:

Contact Eddie

Eddie Hobbs.com provides you with an option to take fee-based advice or to go to free sites such as Askaboutmoney.com., MABS, IFSRA etc.
Eddie’s personal client base is full and doesn’t allow him time to deal with individual personal finance issues for potential new clients or complaints about goods and services in general. You should refer back to the website for assistance.

If you have specific research useful as input to articles, radio and television, that would help consumers in general become more informed, please feel free to email.

Often when we develop a new site, it’s for a new business, and the client is keen to get as many enquiries as possible. I imagine them just sitting next to the computer waiting for that form submission to hit the Inbox. In a few months, when the site and the business has taken off, we hear the concern that there are a lot of enquiries that are not amounting to anything.

Ideally your contact page will guide the visitor on the best way to make enquiries, based on the information he is looking for — guiding them in a manner that will efficiently get him the information he is looking for in a manner that suits you best. For example:

This websites contains all of the details we have on properties we have on offer.
– If you would like a printed brochure, please click here [link to specific form].
– If you would like to schedule a viewing, please click here [link to specific form].
– If you would like to join our mailing list to be advised of new listings or other updates to this site, please click here [link to mailing list form].
– If you have a different enquiry, please complete the enquiry form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you get a lot of enquiries that are unlikely to bring sales, like Eddie, you can provide links to other sites to provide information so that the visitor goes satisfied and may return if he has a real need for your services. We’ve done this in regards to Vehicle Registration Tax. People were coming to www.omahonydonnelly.ie via searches for information on VRT. Most just wanted to know rates and procedures and were unlikely to become clients of the firm, so we added a clear link to the relevant page on www.revenue.ie, which would always have the most up to date details on the topic. We’ve helped the person and avoided a number of phone calls that were not bringing in new customers.

I am looking forward to the day when my Contact Us page says: Ann’s personal client base is full, so go read my blog and leave me alone!