Streamlining your Facebook Activity – Integrate your ‘Personal’ and ‘Professional’ Posts

Streamlining your Facebook Activity – Integrate your ‘Personal’ and ‘Professional’ Posts

Time is one of the main issues my clients have in using social media effectively. You have a Facebook personal account and you spend time interacting with friends and acquaintances — the people you really want to be spending time with — and then you need to find more time to post to your business’s […]

The Importance of Gratitude (Giving and Receiving)

This week I’m just writing a quick note to say “Thank You”. Thank you for reading this post and any others that I write whenever you get a chance. I am grateful because every action that you’ve taken, even if it’s reading just this post, adds to this community and helps my goal to inspire […]

Your Full Potential Manifesto: the Declaration of Your Non-Negotiables

In most cases a mission statement, declaration or manifesto is created to make it clear what an organisation’s purpose and goals are. These documents are used to inspire the people involved to work toward a common goal. Most of you are familiar with the 10 Commandments — and probably follow most of them. For Americans, […]

Life Lessons: 6 Things I learned in my 50th Year

Special Offer for the WomenPowering Community My 50th Birthday Present for You! If you haven’t already taken my online course How to Get Your Own Money Making Online Business Register Now for only $99 – a savings of $50! (Only available until 12 November 2013) Click here to Register Now! I’ve gone from a small […]

Live Up to Your Full Potential: The Final Step of the 7 Step Maximum Productivity Process

7th, and last, in a series of articles outlining my 7 Step Maximum Productivity Process. Click here if you’d like to start at Step 1. We are at the final step to achieving Maximum Productivity — getting EVERYTHING done, without losing your sanity. You’ve defined your goals and priorities, mapped the actions to these goals and […]