Define & Prioritize Your Goals: Step 2 of the 7 Step Maximum Productivity Process

2nd in a series of articles outlining my 7 Step Maximum Productivity Process. Click here if you’d like to start at Step 1. Step 2: Define and Prioritize Your Goals How are you supposed to know what tasks need to be prioritized and done today, if you haven’t determined what your goals are? I mean ALL of your goals […]

7 Ways to Ensure the Autumn “Back to Business” Buzz Doesn’t Turn to a Feeling of Failure

Ahhhhh, the kids are back to school this morning and I can sit in my home office in peace and quiet for the first time in over two months. There is something about this time of year that makes it a perfect time for a fresh start.  We have memories of our back to school days: […]

6 Secrets for Getting Time for Your Business Without Turning Your Back on Your Family

“There is so much out there now about women’s rights and so many women turning their backs on their families to do what they want, it’s so selfish. I can’t stand it!” No, that’s not a quote from the mid 1960’s. I met up with an old friend earlier in the summer — one of […]

The Harder I Work, The Luckier I Get: 200 year old advice that’s still great for your business today

Have you been waiting for a lucky break to get some good results from your business — or until you make the move to get started with a new business idea?   You’ll be waiting a long time — until you put in the hard work that’s required for any successful business.  You may see […]

Starting a New Business? Patience May Be Difficult, But Necessary

Are you worrying that… …your business isn’t getting started quickly enough? …the actions you are taking (marketing, networking, etc.) are not bringing results? …you should be doing something differently? Sales bring not only funding for your business, but also obvious positive feedback that you are doing the right things with your business. Without that you […]