Mindfulness in Business: How to ‘Have it All’ & Keep Your Sanity

Are you working as hard as you can and all the hours that you can, and still frustrated that you are not doing ‘it all’ as well as you’d like to? In the ’70s and ’80s as a teenager and young women I had seen so many signals out there that in order to be successful you […]

Create a Market Research Survey: Get the Information You Need for Business Success

Click here to complete my survey about online training websites! Whether you are starting a new business, deciding on a new product/service or just trying to find out how to sell your business better; target market research is one of the most important things you can do for your business. How do you go about […]

Work Smart Not Hard: How Online Products Can Transform Your Business & Your Life

If you already have a business, do you find that you are spending hours working and working and not making enough money to make it worth your effort? If you are planning on starting a business, do you want to spend the most time doing what you love to do and making the most profit […]

Business Success Secrets: How to Get That ‘Special Something’ – Confidence

Are you worried that you don’t have that ‘special something’ that it takes to be successful in business? One of the biggest ‘secrets’ to business success is how to get the confidence, that ‘special something’, that you need to build a successful business, attract and keep customers, deal with colleagues, etc. It’s NOT that you […]