7 Ways to Ensure the Autumn “Back to Business” Buzz Doesn’t Turn to a Feeling of Failure

Ahhhhh, the kids are back to school this morning and I can sit in my home office in peace and quiet for the first time in over two months. There is something about this time of year that makes it a perfect time for a fresh start.  We have memories of our back to school days: […]

Survey: What’s the one thing you think is holding you back from starting your own business?


6 Secrets for Getting Time for Your Business Without Turning Your Back on Your Family

“There is so much out there now about women’s rights and so many women turning their backs on their families to do what they want, it’s so selfish. I can’t stand it!” No, that’s not a quote from the mid 1960’s. I met up with an old friend earlier in the summer — one of […]

You Aren’t Ready to Start Your Own Business? How to Get Started Now!

Have you put off planning for your new business because you aren’t ready? Have you stalled in the planning process because you aren’t ready for the next step? Have you started your business, but are not progressing because you feel you are not ready to do what it takes to grow? I started up WomenPowering.com because […]

Nine Lessons from the Garden for Running a Successful Business

Don’t think you have the skills to run a successful business? If you are a successful gardener you probably have all the skills you need to have a successful business, you just need to learn to apply these skills in a new way. Lesson One:  You need to spend sufficient time researching before you get started. For the garden, […]