How Do You Tag Someone in a Facebook Status?

Tagging Friends and Pages is a great way to make use of the interactive nature of Facebook because it creates a link to that Profile or Page. Facebook makes it obvious how to tag Pictures and Notes, but many of my clients have asked about how to link (or “tag”) Friends and Pages from their […]

Facebook and Bing Connect for a More Social Search

Yesterday Microsoft and Facebook announced that Microsoft is rolling out new features that will bring your Facebook ‘experience’ into Bing, their search engine. Could this mean that more people, particularly Facebook ‘power users’ may choose to use Bing over Google, currently the most popular search engine? The new features include: – “Facebook Profile Search” showing […]

Twitter versus The Blogger and her Facebook Friends

The other day a friend made a comment that really made me think about how I am using online networking sites. The friend, who also happens to be a client, mentioned to me that often when she sees my posts on her Facebook page, she just scans down to find other more personal posts. So […]