Twitter: How Powerful Can 140 Characters Be?

Many of us are true believers of the power of Twitter and have seen first hand how you can build networks, get new clients and win Dunnes Stores vouchers with this popular social networking application. But there are still many that think that it’s silly, egotistical babblings. This week we may see a new surge […]

Twitter versus The Blogger and her Facebook Friends

The other day a friend made a comment that really made me think about how I am using online networking sites. The friend, who also happens to be a client, mentioned to me that often when she sees my posts on her Facebook page, she just scans down to find other more personal posts. So […]

Irish Interet Association Annual Congress & Net Visionary Awards

Click here to Book Your Tickets Now. Use voucher code CONG001 and get 20% OFF! As mentioned in previous post, I am really looking forward to the IIA Annual Congress. First of all it will get me out of West Cork (and my family duties) for a couple of days. Secondly, I will get to […]

A Really Good Contact Us Page

Do you need a Contact Us page? Would your contact details and an email link at the bottom of all pages work just as well? Ideally we could all have a Contact Us page like Eddie Hobbs: Contact Eddie Eddie provides you with an option to take fee-based advice or to go to free […]

Rick Astley Subject of Massive Internet Prank

I was searching the internet for videos of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (the one thing I miss most about the holiday since I’ve lived away from the US). They don’t show the parade online – hard to imagine these days, especially as it something from the USA – but you can get clips here and […]