Google Instant – Webinar: What does it mean for Your Business?

I’m delighted to announce that later today I will be presenting a webinar with Krishna De of Biz Growth News entitled “Get the Inside Track on Google Instant and What it Means for Your Business” The webinar will begin at 5pm BST (12pm ET) today 9th September 2010. You can register at Yesterday Google […]

Google’s Real Time Search & More News from O’Mahony Donnelly

Google Announces “innovations in the areas of real-time, mobile and social search” Tuesday night I watched the webcast of Google’s “search event” which they hold whenever they announce any significant changes in the services and products they are offering. This time the big, and I mean BIG, announcement was the launch of Google’s “Real Time […]

Link Building: more than just Link Exchanges

For years people have known that the number of links into your sites effects your rankings on search engines, such as Google (see their page on Google Friendly Sites). Thus started the mad dash to get as many links into a site as possible; through all sorts of tactics, but mainly looking for sites that […]

Google Won’t Ring You About Advertising on Their Website

Now it seems obvious to those of us experienced in online marketing and dealing with Google, but it has to be said clearly GOOGLE WILL NOT RING YOU ABOUT ADVERTISING ON THEIR WEBSITE. A few years back, just after Google set up their European operations in Dublin, a prospective client told me that Google had […]

Google Providing Workshops for Small Businesses in Ireland, or just some PR?

I caught an interview on RTE Radio 1’s Morning Ireland show with a Google staff member discussing workshops they are providing to help teach businesses how to be more competitive using the internet. I had a feeling that this would be a way for them to push their AdWords pay per click advertising programme, as […]