How to Find Free Images You Can [Legally] Use Online on Websites, Social Media Posts & Newsletters

For the thousandth time — NO! You cannot just do a search on Google image search, save the image to your computer and then upload it to your website. A lot of people do it and if you have a not for profit website, you may have nothing to be concerned about, unless you are […]

RSS Feeds: The Most Powerful Online Marketing Tool You May Not Know About

Are you looking for ways to get content ideas for your website, email newsletters and social media posts? Are you sure that your own content is reaching as many people as possible? RSS Feeds offer a great way for you to keep up with what’s going on in current events, your industry and on all […]

Using Google AdWords Keyword Tool to Choose a Domain Name for Your Website

This is the first of a series of video tutorials I am working on. More on this new project to come soon. Join & be the first to hear all about it! Today I look at how to use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to choose a domain name for your website.   If […]

WPtouch Makes WordPress Sites Mobile Friendly Internet experts and analysts have been prophetizing for years that the next big thing will be the mobile web.  2011 is the year that this has finally become a reality. The iPhone brought about mobiles with the facilities of a desktop computer and more. Cheaper android phones brought this to the masses. A larger […]

Google Webmaster Tools Google Webmaster Tools is probably one of the most overlooked, but most valuable, tools available to analyse the performance of your website. Most web developers will know about it and have it set up, but only the most dedicated or obsessive (he he) will actually check the information on a regular basis.   Most […]