Google AdWords Keyword Tool When people talk about SEO and optimizing your site and social media, this should be your starting place. The Google AdWords Keyword Tool is probably the tool that I use most often for: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), to ensure that I am targeting popular, relevant phrases on specific pages of a website; and Market […]

Internet Marketing Planners – 12 Month & 7 Day (download)

Timing is EVERYTHING in Online Marketing is an article I wrote for Search Engine Journal that details how managing your own time as well as being in the right place at the right time is critical to a successful internet marketing campaign. Finding the time to set out an online marketing plan, not even thinking […]

Internet Marketing Goals Form (download)

How can you get what you want out of your online marketing campaign if you don’t set out what your specific goals are? When you start a business, or some point in managing your business, you will create a Business Plan.  You may do this because you know it is a good thing to do […]

Target Market Research Form (download)

Before you pass on reading this because it involves a task that takes a little time, please note that this process will: save you time and money wasted on communicating with people that aren’t interested in or suited to your products or services; and make setting out the rest of your internet marketing plan so […]

Link to Page to Set Up a Like Box for a Facebook Page

Seems that I am always looking for the link to the page to set up a Like Box for a Facebook Page.  I have spent so much time clicking links to find this page and haven’t bothered to bookmark it on my browser. I always have to search so that I can send clients and […]