How to Create a Header for Your WordPress Website Using Pixlr

Some people think that WordPress websites all look alike, but you can create your own header very easily and make your website all your own. This video takes you step by step to create a header using Pixlr; a great, free, online graphic design application; and uploading it to your WordPress website.

How to Install WordPress Using The Application Vault

Many people hire a web developer to set up a WordPress website because they worry that it’s too technical, but many web hosting companies have an ‘application vault’ as part of your web hosting package. If WordPress is included in the application vault, it will be very easy to set up WordPress yourself — and […]

How to Register a Domain and Set Up a Website Hosting Account

When it comes to getting a website, many people are reluctant to even take the first step: registering a domain name — and forget about setting up a hosting account! This video will walk you through these two steps that will get you started and well on the way to having your very own website. […]

How to Set Up a Google Account

Google isn’t just a great search engine. Google provides a number of applications to help you with your business: from Gmail, the best email application; to Google Apps, an excellent alternative to Microsoft Office; and fast growing social media channel Google+. Many of these tools you can access at no charge, and with Google Apps […]

How to Find Free Images You Can [Legally] Use Online on Websites, Social Media Posts & Newsletters

For the thousandth time — NO! You cannot just do a search on Google image search, save the image to your computer and then upload it to your website. A lot of people do it and if you have a not for profit website, you may have nothing to be concerned about, unless you are […]