Online Advertising: Three Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Are you paying out for online advertising and not getting significant results for your business?  Make sure you aren’t making these 3 common mistakes! More and more businesses are turning to paid online advertising, most commonly Google AdWords or Facebook Advertising, for a number of reasons: Search engine optimization takes effort – and time and […]

Move a Website and Keep Your Search Rankings & Traffic

When you move a website in a way that will change the URLs of the pages, it is important to ensure that search engines and other traffic to your site can follow the old URLs to the new URLs or: visitors to your site, either through bookmarks or links on other sites, will find  broken links […]

Facebook and Bing Connect for a More Social Search

Yesterday Microsoft and Facebook announced that Microsoft is rolling out new features that will bring your Facebook ‘experience’ into Bing, their search engine. Could this mean that more people, particularly Facebook ‘power users’ may choose to use Bing over Google, currently the most popular search engine? The new features include: – “Facebook Profile Search” showing […]