How to Find Free Images You Can [Legally] Use Online on Websites, Social Media Posts & Newsletters

For the thousandth time — NO! You cannot just do a search on Google image search, save the image to your computer and then upload it to your website. A lot of people do it and if you have a not for profit website, you may have nothing to be concerned about, unless you are […]

Digital appetites: what are consumers doing online?

This week I’m pleased to include a guest post from Kat Prescott… Plenty of news circulates over the amount of internet services available in Ireland and around the world, with 65% of the country already benefiting from broadband services. What you don’t often hear about is how our appetites are changing when it comes to what we’re […]

Online Advertising: Three Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Are you paying out for online advertising and not getting significant results for your business?  Make sure you aren’t making these 3 common mistakes! More and more businesses are turning to paid online advertising, most commonly Google AdWords or Facebook Advertising, for a number of reasons: Search engine optimization takes effort – and time and […]

Social Media Marketing Just Got a Whole Lot Easier — and more Effective — with Nimble 2.5!

I have to admit I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Social Media, especially when using it for selling my business.  Over the past few years I’ve spent a good part of my time building ‘connections’ – followers, likes, etc. – and then a whole lot more time sifting through them trying to figure out who […]

Celebrities on Twitter: There Ought to be a Law

Wayne Rooney, another UK footballer and Nike have had their wrists slapped by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority over tweets that were devised by the Nike marketing team to promote their #makeitcount campaign. (Check out that stream for interesting comments by Twitter users on this ban.) “Both footballers have now been banned from repeating the messages in […]