Price Grabber Phishing Email

Keep an eye out for this professional looking email that’s just looking to ‘Grab’ your details! I spotted it because it called me ‘ebusiness2’ which is the beginning of an email address I only use on my website so I can flag this sort of thing. When you hover over the link in the email, […]

Think Before You Pay for an Online Directory Listing

Before you read this post, you may want to know my opinion on how to build a good business model. For a full account see my guest post on the Irish Internet Association blog Can an Ethical Online Business be a Successful Online Business? Here I pretty much say that developing solid long term relationships, […]

Google Won’t Ring You About Advertising on Their Website

Now it seems obvious to those of us experienced in online marketing and dealing with Google, but it has to be said clearly GOOGLE WILL NOT RING YOU ABOUT ADVERTISING ON THEIR WEBSITE. A few years back, just after Google set up their European operations in Dublin, a prospective client told me that Google had […]

10 New Year Resolutions for Website Owners

January is a busy time for people searching the net for bargains, holidays for the year, new business ideas, etc. So it is a good time to make sure that your website is getting you the best possible results. It’s also a good time to set out the goals for the results you want from […]

Rick Astley Subject of Massive Internet Prank

I was searching the internet for videos of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (the one thing I miss most about the holiday since I’ve lived away from the US). They don’t show the parade online – hard to imagine these days, especially as it something from the USA – but you can get clips here and […]