More ‘Phishing’ Emails – From ‘PayPal’

In this case the Subject is ‘Regularly scheduled account maintenance and verification procedures.’ and it’s come from but they could appear to come from various other accounts. Once again, do not click the links or reply to the email. Just delete it! My ISPs Spam Filter didn’t get it, but my AVG did.

More Phishing Emails – ‘Google AdWords Alert’

Do not click any links in this email or reply with any of your login details!!!! There has certainly been a rise in these kinds of emails. Maybe with the bad economic conditions, more people are turning to these evil tactics to make ends meet!!!!

Watch Out for Emails ‘Phishing’ for Your Login Details!

Two of my clients received emails over the weekend that claimed to be from the companies that their domains are registered through. Both emails prompted the client to click a link in the email to login and confirm their contact details. The actual links were to bogus sites, looking exactly like the site of a […]