Internet Marketing Goals Form (download)

How can you get what you want out of your online marketing campaign if you don’t set out what your specific goals are? When you start a business, or some point in managing your business, you will create a Business Plan.  You may do this because you know it is a good thing to do […]

Target Market Research Form (download)

Before you pass on reading this because it involves a task that takes a little time, please note that this process will: save you time and money wasted on communicating with people that aren’t interested in or suited to your products or services; and make setting out the rest of your internet marketing plan so […]

Changing the Primary Domain and URL for a WordPress Network

When you are redeveloping an existing site, you often have to do the development using one URL and then when the site is to go live you need to change the URL.  When using WordPress, especially a WordPress Network of sites, it’s important that you follow certain steps, in a particular order, to make sure […]

Link to Page to Set Up a Like Box for a Facebook Page

Seems that I am always looking for the link to the page to set up a Like Box for a Facebook Page.  I have spent so much time clicking links to find this page and haven’t bothered to bookmark it on my browser. I always have to search so that I can send clients and […]

Solving E-Mail Problems

Solving E-Mail Problems I’ve joked that I get more calls from clients regarding problems with e-mails than to hire me for online marketing services — but it’s only half joking. Solving e-mail issues can be tricky because each person has a unique set-up: e-mail client used, operating system, ISP, etc.   This presentation covers a […]