SEO and Content Mangement Systems

For ages we didn’t use any Content Management Systems (CMS), as our main focus was Search Engine Optimization and there were no CMS applications out there where we could use our SEO techniques. In the past couple of years we’ve been integrating and customising php/MySQL applications to suit our SEO needs. These days, many of […]

Errorlytics: A More Intelligent Way to Handle 404 Errors

Customised error pages — for “Page Not Found”, etc. – are very important to keep visitors on your sites. Errolytics is an application to help handle this and provide statistics on the handling of these pages. See more on Mashable at: Errorlytics: A More Intelligent Way to Handle 404 Errors.

10 New Year Resolutions for Website Owners

January is a busy time for people searching the net for bargains, holidays for the year, new business ideas, etc. So it is a good time to make sure that your website is getting you the best possible results. It’s also a good time to set out the goals for the results you want from […]

A Really Good Contact Us Page

Do you need a Contact Us page? Would your contact details and an email link at the bottom of all pages work just as well? Ideally we could all have a Contact Us page like Eddie Hobbs: Contact Eddie Eddie provides you with an option to take fee-based advice or to go to free […]

Choosing a Web Development Firm

Yet again, I’ve heard from someone who has received very bad service from, not one, but two, web development companies. I hate this because it gives the person a lack of confidence in the industry. Here are some of the most common issues: 1) My web designer had gone bust/moved away/changed professions/is no where to […]