Think Before You Pay for an Online Directory Listing

Before you read this post, you may want to know my opinion on how to build a good business model. For a full account see my guest post on the Irish Internet Association blog Can an Ethical Online Business be a Successful Online Business? Here I pretty much say that developing solid long term relationships, […]

Link Building – The DIY Way

For best results on search engines, you need a number of incoming links from sites that are related in topic to yours and that do well on search engines themselves. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve seen proof of this in the sites that I’ve developed. All other things being equal, the sites […]

Search Engine Submission Services. Why?

Why are web development and search engine optimization companies still offering ‘Search Engine Submission Services’? Sites (pages, actually) get into the search engines when their automated ‘bots’ find their pages through links on sites that are already in the search engines. Per Google – – “We add and update new sites to our index […]