How to Use the Redirection Plugin for Your WordPress Website

If you are redeveloping your website or making changes to a number of pages that will mean the URLs (i.e. web addresses) of a number of your pages are changing, you will want a way for visitors (and others that track the URLs of your website, like search engine robots) to find the new pages. There […]

How to Use the NextGen Gallery Plugin for WordPress

NextGen Gallery is a popular plugin because it gives you image galleries and slideshows that the default Media feature of WordPress doesn’t. This video discusses the difference between using NextGen and the default Media feature and takes you step by step through using the NextGen Gallery plugin for your WordPress website. Sorry that the audio […]

Looking at Your WordPress Settings

There are a number of WordPress settings that you should look at when setting up your website. What email address do you want notifications to go to?  Will comments be moderated?  Use Permalinks for URLs that are search engine friendly. This video takes you through the various WordPress settings and provides suggestions on how to […]

How to Update Your WordPress Installation, Plugins and Themes

The one thing that I don’t like about WordPress is how frequently they upgrade the application.  Some of these upgrades are needed for security issues that are really important — and it is good that they are improving on an ongoing basis. A lot of my clients don’t think they can do the updates themselves; […]

How to Add Posts & Pages to Your WordPress Website

You probably chose to have a WordPress website so that you can easily add content. To keep visitors interested and coming back, and to do well on search engines, you need to add content regularly; so it’s best if you get very comfortable with how to do it yourself. This video shows you the difference […]