Dine to Read – Tuesday Push

I had heard of Dine to Read from a couple of people on Twitter and had meant to check out he site, but today was actually the first time I’ve actually visited the site. To be honest, from the domain name, I thought it was going to be a site about restaurants and could’t figure out about the ‘read’ part – and it wasn’t until tonight (again from someones tweet) that I realised the play on words “dying to read”.

Once I reached the attractive site, I realised that oh, it’s about books not restaurants *lightbulb*! The site is a meeting place for book lovers. Features include a forum, where registered users can join in or add new topics, either about a specific book, a genre or a question about books (i.e. “Guilty Reading Pleasures”).

The unique feature of the site are the monthly meet ups organised via the site so that members can discuss the book of the month. (I love how the FAQs note that this is NOT a dating site.) Whilst it is free to register on the site it does cost €45 euro to attend a monthy event and this includes the price of the meal (excluding drinks). The next event, on 31st March, takes place in Galway.

Unfortunately I waited late to create my Tuesday Push post, so my registration on the site is still processing, so I can’t try out the forum myself, but I can see that this can be an addictive site for book lovers.

**Update 27th March 2009 – two people from the site responded to my note that I hadn’t received my registration details as I should have gotten them straight away. I must apologise as I didn’t check my spam filter and the welcome email was there. So good follow up from the people at Dine to Read!