Facebook Pages and Google+ Integration for Nimble CRM

Nimble Integrates Google+ into CRMGreat news today! Nimble CRM now includes integration of Facebook Pages and Google+ so you can monitor your contacts’ interactions in all of the key social channels.

You can add your Facebook Page under Networks and monitor activity on your page while you are in Nimble via its own tab or in the ‘All’ stream with your other networks – Twitter, LinkedIn and personal Facebook account. One downside is that you can only add one Facebook Page, as far as I can see, but remember Nimble is brand new and I think that all of these features will be tweaked and probably not too far in the future.

You can also indicate Google+ accounts for your contacts and now see all interactions they have on Google+. The downside is this — it makes it even more obvious when your connections post the same thing across all their networks all the time.  Bo-ring people! Also, there isn’t a Google+ tab to monitor activity.

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