Google Instant – Webinar: What does it mean for Your Business?

I’m delighted to announce that later today I will be presenting a webinar with Krishna De of Biz Growth News entitled “Get the Inside Track on Google Instant and What it Means for Your Business”

The webinar will begin at 5pm BST (12pm ET) today 9th September 2010. You can register at
Yesterday Google Launched it’s next generation of search, Google Instant, where search results appear on the screen as you type your query in the search box. It combines Google’s auto-complete feature with showing relevant results as you type. There was lot of talk about this new development on social media channels so we thought it would be a good idea to hold this session to discuss the facts and how Google Instant will impact on business owners.
In the session we will cover:
1. What Google Instant is and how it is being rolled out

2. What it means for site owners and digital marketing managers

3. What it means for users

4. What the implications are for businesses using Google Adwords

5. What actions we should take, if any, as a result of this new enhancement to Google Search.

and more…
We may also have a couple of special guests on hand.
Hope you can make it this evening.