Internet Marketing Planners – 12 Month & 7 Day (download)

internet marketing time planningTiming is EVERYTHING in Online Marketing is an article I wrote for Search Engine Journal that details how managing your own time as well as being in the right place at the right time is critical to a successful internet marketing campaign.

Finding the time to set out an online marketing plan, not even thinking about undertaking online marketing activities (especially in social media that requires daily input) is the biggest challenge for most businesses using online marketing — and most of you will agree (especially if you are reading this blog) that it is necessary to find a way to meet this challenge.

Setting out 12 Month and 7 Day Plans for your internet marketing activities is the best way to ensure that you are active on a regular basis and at the right times for your target market (see my article on Target Market Research). It will also allow you to see how all of your marketing, and actual business activities, can be scheduled to work together effectively and efficiently.

Download my Internet Marketing Planners below:

Make sure to edit the seasonal events that I’ve included to suit you and your target markets, as many of the items may only suit the USA, etc.

Be realistic in your planning.  It’s better to post new articles once a month and actually do it, than to pressure yourself to do 2 articles a week that will never get done. You do need to challenge yourself to work on your online marketing on a regular basis to improve your skills, as well as to build your audience and communicate with them on a regular basis.

Don’t forget to include your holiday times so you can either schedule complete time off or get a guest blogger to cover!

Do you plan out your online marketing activities in advance? Do you have a weekly, monthly, annual plan?  What tools did you use? Do you have any other tips on this?

If you use my process please let me know how you get on or ask any questions you have here in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook.