Live Up to Your Full Potential: The Final Step of the 7 Step Maximum Productivity Process

7th, and last, in a series of articles outlining my
7 Step Maximum Productivity Process.
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We are at the final step to achieving Maximum Productivity — getting EVERYTHING done, without losing your sanity. You’ve defined your goals and priorities, mapped the actions to these goals and set up a schedule for the short and long term that includes all of these actions.

You’ve worked on getting into the right mindset:

  • getting focused and being present
  • having confidence in your goals and that you can achieve them

but we need to take this work a step further.

I WANT to live up to my full potential.

I CAN live up to my full potential.

I WILL live up to my full potential.

full potentialSay each line aloud or to yourself each morning; on its own or included in any other meditation, EFT, etc. that you already practice. Also, use this when you are feeling down, that you are unable to stick to your schedule or that you aren’t going to ever reach your goals.

Let each thought sink into your mind until you really feel that it is true for you.

Feel the WANT, feel that YOU CAN and be confident that YOU WILL.

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Each day as you quietly, or not so quietly, work away toward your goals; you are inspiring all of those around you — your partner, children, friends and colleagues.  You will start to feel all the forces pulling in the same direction to get all of the actions done to get to those goals.

Most of you have said that finding the time is the biggest issue to getting your business started or to the next level, but these issues with time are down to mindset. If you have the desire and belief that you will live up to your full potential, you will do what it takes to get there.

What to watch out for…

My situation has changed, have I done all of this work for nothing?
Your goals and priorities will change and your plan must change as well.  Don’t feel that what you have done up until now is a waste.  That was time spent where you learned and grew as a person. Once you have the right mind set and daily practices in place you can apply it to whatever goals you have.

How do I know I am moving in the right direction?
Review your schedule either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly; depending on the amount and type of activities you have. As you are completing tasks, note how much closer you are to your goals.  If goals have changed or you need to speed up or slow down, update the schedule accordingly. After you reshuffle, focus again on your goals, your priorities and getting done the activities that will lead you to your most important goals first.

7 Day Challenge for the Week

Each day, practice what you’ve built in the previous steps:

  1. Be mindful that you don’t have to get EVERYTHING done today, just the things that you have determined that you will do today — to the very best of your ability.
  2. Focus on your highest priority goals…
  3. …and the actions required to meet those goals.
  4. Stick with your day-tight schedule.
  5. Plan for the near and distant future
  6. Keep focused on what you have planned to do each day.
  7. Do your daily affirmation that you want to, can and will live up to your full potential.

Then, leave me a comment below sharing your experience with the process.

Well done for coming this far!  I look forward to hearing from you!