Mapping Out the Actions that Will Lead to Your Goals: Step 3 of the 7 Step Maximum Productivity Process

3rd in a series of articles outlining my 7 Step Maximum Productivity Process.
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mapping actions to goalsStep 3: Create Your Master Action List 

In this step you map out all of the actions required to get you to each goal. If you need to spend more time grocery shopping to get foods to fit into your new eating plan or take your daughter to a horse riding lesson, these are added to the list as well as business related activities like setting up a mailing list, writing blog posts, meeting your accountant, etc.

This is all about making all parts of your life fit together
so that you can achieve ALL of your most important goals.

Include the following on the Master Action List for each action:

  • priority based on the priorities of your goals and any time relevance;
  • amount of time required — either to complete or required to spend on the action at any specific day (i.e. 15 minutes 3 times a day on social media, 40 hours to write an eBook that you plan to complete by spending 2 hours each weekday to work on over the next month);
  • deadline for completion of the action; even if you don’t have an official deadline, put your own deadline for each task — unless it’s an ongoing task (like checking emails 2 times a day); very often it takes as long to do a task as the amount of time you actually have to do it, so giving each task a deadline will keep you moving along;
  • any other important considerations related to timing: the best time to accomplish the task (i.e. for social media you need to be online when your audience is active or if you can only work on your eBook when the kids are at school and it’s quiet in the house, etc.); if there is a sequence that you need to follow or need to finish one task before another (i.e. you need to set up your MailChimp account before you can send out your newsletter); if anything is required to complete the task

Next week, in Step 4, we are going to set up a schedule that will work for you!

What to watch out for…

Tempted to put this off because you are short on time?
I know these steps do take time and you may not feel that you have the time to do all the mapping, but stick with the system and spend the time now putting this system into place and you will soon have time to get EVERYTHING done!

Don’t miss out any of actions required to get you to your goal.
If you miss one, it will put you off track and upset your whole schedule. Include even the smallest thing you need to do so that you have a complete plan.

Keep an eye on your priorities.
Map out the actions for the highest priority goal first, then the second, the third and so on… Don’t spend time thinking about the lower priority goals and required actions until you get the higher priority goals taken care of.

7 Day Challenge for the Week

Each day practice what you’ve built in Step 1, being mindful that you don’t have to get EVERYTHING done today.

  • Review the list of goals you produced in Step 2.
  • Under each goal in your list, map out EVERY action you need to take to lead you to that goal.
  • For each action note:
    • priority
    • amount of time required, or to be allocated, to complete the action
    • deadline (a must for every action)
    • other important considerations
  • Make sure that you list every action.
  • Work on mapping the actions in order of priority — the highest priority first.

I haven’t finished my list of goals. Should I stay on Step 2?

  • If you feel that you’ve at least listed your highest priority goals, then go ahead and start mapping — so you can keep moving forward.
  • If you aren’t sure if you have all the high priority goals noted yet, please stick with Step 2 and then move on to Step 3. You need to be sure to only spend time and effort on your high priority goals, so you need to define what those are first.

Any questions or challenges, please leave a comment below.
Tell us about your highest priority goals!

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