A Rugby Newbie Review

Eventhough I don’t like rugby, I am reviewing, “a rugby social media network that connects you with other Munster Rugby supporters” for a few reasons:
– It’s midnight as I started so I am just getting in for the Tuesday Push, where Irish bloggers help promote a chosen site.
– The developer is a really good guy that I’ve met through Twitter.
– If you live in Munster and you don’t follow Munster Rugby, you feel like you are really out of it! I love most sports and maybe it was such overwhelming enthusiasm that scared me off! Even I have to admit that there is amazing sporting talent there — but don’t want to look like I am just jumping on the bandwagon! has a number of features that are really attractive for fans: competitions, chat, fan photos & videos, news. There is also a blog with a long blogroll of rugby related sites.

You need to sign up to access some of the features, but you can view the blog and all of the news, pulled from a variety of sources.

It’s refreshing to see that the site isn’t loaded down with advertising as many of this type of site would normally have. It seems that the site gets some finances from selling credits to users that purchase them in order to enter the competitions — the amount is nominal: €2.50 for the 250 credits you need to enter a competition.

I can see there are a few other new registered users from Tuesday Push, perhaps we will stay and join in the fun that Munster Rugby supporters seem to have on this site.

Check it out, even if you aren’t a Munster Rugby fan.