New Site – – Getting Results First Week Online

I warn clients upfront that their site will not really do well in search engine results for any time from 3-12 months (maybe even longer for sites in very competitive industries: holiday accommodation, property, etc.). The site launched on the 31st of October, just in time for a Wedding Fair that the client was attending. On 2nd November, the site got 3 visits via Google!! And in the past two weeks, since the launch 202 visits (15.35% direct traffic, 18.81% referring sites and 65.84% search engines)!

When the first contact form submission went through a couple days after the site went live, I thought, “Oh, no, the spammers have got us already!” but it was a genuine enquiry for a birthday cake.

In the past I had noticed that it seemed that Google’s ‘sandbox’, that holds new sites out of search results for a certain period of time, applies mainly to the primary search phrases (or most competitive phrases) you are targeting on the site and that the new sites were getting results for many other phrases used throughout the site — but never at this level.

Of course there are many factors that determine your search engine results — strength of the competitors sites, when google does it’s crawl, number of visitors searching on your target phrases, etc. Perhaps these were all working in our favour.

One other thing that benefited this site — a number of our existing clients were in related industries (weddings & gifts) so we were able to add links from those sites so the site could get a very good start.

So for all those sceptics that think that SEO doesn’t work — our Search Engine Placement strategy definitely works. While I am confident that we are using the best techniques for best search engine placement for our clients and have achieved excellent results for them — this is the first time I have seen such a quick result!!!

Read more: Search Engine Optimization – or contact me for more information on how we can achieve these results for you!