Online Marketing for a Big Community Event – blog post for Clonakilty Chamber of Commerce

Clonakilty Chamber of Commerce BlogI’ve just written a guest post for the Clonakilty Chamber of Commerce blog “How to Use Online Marketing to get the Best Results from a Big Event…”. The advice is similar to my earlier post here about how to make the most of a big spike in PR for your business or organisation, but in this case I’m providing tips on how all the members can work together to make the most out of Jungle City Clonakilty, which is a unique event taking place in the town.  (See more at

This additional publicity and the need to get people into the town to spend money is even more important seeing that many of the businesses and individuals in the town have suffered following a devastating flash flood a couple weeks ago. (See more about the flood and the great response to get everyone back in their homes and back to business at

When you are part of an organisation there are so many ways that members can work together to make their online marketing efforts work even better; from sharing posts on social media networks to writing guest posts on each others blogs, and don’t forget the value of high quality, relevant link exchanges!

Do you have any examples or ideas of how members of an organisation or community can work together to boost their online marketing efforts?  If so, please share in the comments below.