Social Media Marketing Just Got a Whole Lot Easier — and more Effective — with Nimble 2.5!

Social Media Love and HateI have to admit I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Social Media, especially when using it for selling my business.  Over the past few years I’ve spent a good part of my time building ‘connections’ – followers, likes, etc. – and then a whole lot more time sifting through them trying to figure out who are the ones that are the real potential clients for us. I was getting to the point of thinking that perhaps all the time required for social media activities was not bringing enough value to the business, while knowing that there is such a vast amount of relevant information out there.

Do you feel like you are wasting time on Social Media Marketing?

Then I found Nimble. I’ve mentioned in (numerous) posts how Nimble CRM has been a great tool for all of us at O’Mahony Donnelly; to manage our client contact details and follow communications by all staff members and even to set up an email marketing campaign to a specific group of clients or prospects.  Nimble has been key for our regular communications and especially for selling, including selling more services to existing clients, bringing enormous value to the business in actual sales AND increased staff satisfaction.

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In the past few weeks we’ve had access to new features that have just been rolled out to the public as Nimble 2.5 and I’ve got to say, they are amazing!  At first I didn’t even notice the new features, they are so well integrated with the interface, but I was noticing that there was just so much more helpful information. The new features include (click on a screenshot to see larger image):

Rapportive Integration with Gmail and Nimble CRM

Rapportive Integration – my favourite new feature – brings a closer connection between your Gmail and Nimble. With the Rapportive add-on for Gmail you see what social media channels a contact has; and now with the Rapportive  Widget for Nimble, you can see if the contact is in your Nimble contacts, and if they aren’t you can import them!  That has saved me loads of checking and cutting and pasting of information.  (I actually think the Nimble lads stole that idea off of me because I was raving about Rapportive on the Nimble LinkedIn Group.  Then again, great minds think alike 😉

Social Profile Mapping with Nimble CRMSocial Profile Mapping automatically brings in details from LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook if Nimble finds a match via email address or other criteria. Before you needed to manually add a network or select from a list of possible profiles, and you can still do that, but this automatic population has been extremely handy and time saving.

Shared Contacts Tab in Nimble CRMShared Contacts Tab is now more fully part of a contact record. When you can see what contacts you have in common, it is easier to find great ways to engage. And that’s just one way your Contact record has gotten better.  See all the tabs in the image on the right (click to see larger image)?! —>>>

Full contact details, information in custom fields you set up, their social stream, messages via email and social networks, activities, deals, notes and shared contacts — all at your fingertips — The Big Picture, Baby! 

Relationship Monitoring shows when you last contacted a person so that you can make sure you keep in touch on a regular basis.

Custom Field Search is a great addition so that you can more easily find contacts by various criteria that you’ve added yourself.  We’ve added a field for clients’ annual return dates and can now search to see who we need to chase for information.

Schedule Social Media Posts with Nimble CRMSchedule Posts to your Social Media channels through Nimble so you can plan forward and get your posts out at a time that suits your target audience.  You can also view your pending posts and update as needed. Nimble can now as a fully featured Social Media dashboard where you can schedule posts, monitor your stream, view by Twitter list, searches and saved searches, etc. — with the ability to import a connection into Nimble that you see as being a bit more relevant.

Four Square Integration is another great way to get helpful information on your contacts and enables new ways to engage, ie “Hi, I see you are in my neck of the woods, why not pop in and meet our new agent?!” Yes, you need to manage this well to not be accused of being a stalker, but it’s great information to have.

Nimble Daily Digest Engagement OpportunitiesNimble Daily Digest, in my Inbox each morning, has been a great ‘kick in the arse’ for me to keep me focused on interacting with my connections – whether for selling or keeping up communications with other partners and colleagues.  It’s handy getting notice of the birthdays and job changes, but most valuable is seeing a listing of who’s engaging with me on my social networks, along with some helpful information on the person’s influence online.  It also gives a handy reminder of the appointments and tasks on my calendar. In each area there are links to jump into Nimble to reply to posts, send emails, etc. to get me going for the day!

Nimble is just getting better and better by the day!  There are a number of additional really exciting features expected before the end of the year, but I can’t tell you about them — or I’d have to kill you 🙂

I am doing most of my interaction through Nimble as it’s brought together all my main activities into one place — without all the distractions of junk mail and distracting, irrlevant social media streams. Information on my contacts is so easy to access and complete it gives me the full picture on what that contact is up to and really simple for me to determine if/when/how I should interact.  And it’s not just me, the whole team at O’Mahony Donnelly are loving Nimble.  The accountants here find it helpful to get the contact details, see communications easily and search by various fields like AR date mentioned above; for admin purposes it’s great to get the full picture before contacting re invoicing, etc. and for the marketing/selling side, we’ve got it all at our fingertips.

Before you ask, yes I am a Nimble Solutions Partner and it’s my job to sell Nimble; but I hope I’ve given you enough real examples of why I love it and how it will add great value to your business, to show that I am being genuine, so here’s the selling part and a great offer…

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