Super Charge your Recruitment Process using Nimble Social CRM

nimble social crm for recruitmentPeople may be tired of hearing me say how great Nimble CRM is for identifying real prospects from the crowd of connections on your various social networks, but this week I’ve realised how great a tool Nimble is in the recruitment process.

We are recruiting for a senior accountant and I’ve added to Nimble all the candidates that have submitted CV’s, possible candidates that I’ve researched on LinkedIn and other social networks and those that have been mentioned by staff and other colleagues.

When you add a contact into Nimble, it suggests social network accounts that may be theirs (based on the information you have) and when there are social networks added to the contact, you can see what connections you have in common. Nimble also shows their recent posts on their social media connections so you can better determine the strength of the candidate, if they may be looking for a new position and other relevant information to help determine if this is someone you want to work in your organisation.

I’ve created a specific tag to put on each contact so I can easily review them or search on various combinations of data. As our whole team are using Nimble, I can review the list with my partner or any other member of staff that may be providing input in the process.

Yet another reason why Nimble is such a great business tool!

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