Using Google AdWords Keyword Tool to Choose a Domain Name for Your Website

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Today I look at how to use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to choose a domain name for your website.   If you have used AdWords or have done some search engine optimization on your website you’d be familiar with the AdWords Keyword Tool, but as the tool is a great market research tool, I highly recommend using it to select a domain that contains popular keywords related to the topic of your website. (Please excuse the load background noise, but the content is worth it!)

If a keyword rich domain is not what you want for your website — you may want to choose a domain with your business name — do not despair. Having keywords in your domain is some benefit for search engine optimization, but if you do all other optimization, you shouldn’t lose out too much.

I use to register my domains, but most domain registration websites will have a tool to check if a domain is available.

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