West Cork Websites & Domains for Sale

Update: These websites are now off the market and are current being redeveloped as personal blogs on the area.

Check out West Cork Week and West Cork Directory.

West Cork Websites for Sale

These sites have a value for three main reasons:

  • The longevity of the registration of the domains, going back to 2001 and 2002, carries weight in Google’s rankings.
  • The sites achieve good rankings for searches related to ‘west cork’ and ‘cork’ due to the optimization of the sites.
  • The monetization of the site through Google AdSense ads currently covers it’s domain & hosting annual costs and there is great potential for further monetization.

Ownership of these domains and sites can benefit your business in the following ways:

  • If you have an existing west cork or cork website, proper redirection from these sites to yours can help boost traffic directly and pass existing Google ‘PageRank’ to your own site to help boost rankings.
  • If you have a business or organisation that doesn’t already have a website, this can get you a head start, whether you use the site as is or redevelop on the domains.
  • If you keep the sites and redevelop to bring up to date and maintain the site, the Google AdSense revenue could be significant. Without any effort, the sites are generating enough AdSense income to pay for the hosting and domain registration. Even if you completely redevelop the website, using these ‘aged’ domains will bring better results on search engines than a newly registered domain.

The value of the site is not down to the amount of traffic or earnings it generates now, as it is not maintained or promoted; but down to the potential to bring more value to your business or to start up as a new business.

Many people are still familiar with these sites and domains.  Many clients and others listed on these sites comment that they are still getting business via the listings.  One local plumber noted that his IR£10 investment in 2002 is still bringing phone calls and customers.

Keep in mind

  • The existing value for search engine optimization will be lost if you make changes that don’t follow good search engine optimization (SEO) practices.
  • The value of ‘aged’ websites is only one part of optimization, ongoing SEO good practices must be followed to maintain and improve results through search engines.
  • As much of the future success of these sites depends on how you will manage the site in future and because there is no control over how Google and other search engines derive their search results and weight various factors; there is no guarantee of the results you will achieve.

Delivery of Product

Upon agreement of sale and payment received, the domain purchased will be transferred to your control and you will be given login details for the control panel of the related website to retrieve files if desired.  You will need to organize your own hosting and move/set-up the website within 30 days of transfer of the purchased domain as the original hosting account will be disabled and removed.


I registered westcorkweek.com in January 2001, when I was starting out in web design and saw a need for a regional directory of events and activities.  Through the site I got to know a lot about the area and meet a lot of people that have become long term colleagues or friends.  In February 2002 I started west-cork-directory.com, a directory of businesses and organisations in the region.

Great effort went into gathering the content and setting up the sites, but as my web development business grew I didn’t have the time to maintain the site as needed to keep it up to date and interactive.

The sites are made mostly with static html, not database driven, as most sites today are; though both use server side includes to more easily update areas of the site. westcorkweek.com does use an old cgi/perl script to manage the events.