Whale Watch West Cork

Whale Watch West Cork
Union Hall, West Cork, Ireland

Services provided: Website Redesign, Domain Registration & Web Hosting, Graphic Design, Search Phrase Research, Link Building, Content Management Systems (News, FAQs)

In 2005 Nic Slocum contacted us to enquire about our Search Engine Placement Services. He had hired a graphic designer/web designer in the UK who had created a site that was very heavy on graphic design with the text appearing in a graphic — which we all know now is very bad for search engines. Nic was very happy with the design of the site, so we reworked the site to include the design elements that Nic liked, but formatting the text for best results on search engines.

Besides information on Nic’s whale and dolphin watching tours; the site contains a wealth of information on whales and dolphins, conservation, etc. that brings visitors to the site and then converts them into enquiries and bookings.

Very quickly the site went to the top for searches for whale watching in west cork and in Ireland, but after a Link Building campaign the site moved up for searches on just “whale watching”.

Each year we review the site’s results and make the necessary changes to maintain the site’s good positioning on search engines. Nic also uses this as an opportunity to add new interesting content to the site. We have also included a Content Management System so that Nic can add News, Sightings and FAQs to provide fresh content on a regular basis with a user friendly system.

Client Feedback: “The site has helped Whale Watch West Cork become Ireland’s leading dedicated whale watch company enabling visitors from around the world to fulfill their ambition of seeing wild dolphins and whales in their natural environment.

The sites positioning has undoubtedly created opportunities for us that would normally have taken longer to develop. Coming up at the top of a Google search has created PR opportunities resulting invaluable media exposure. Radio and TV engagements along with considerable print media exposure have all helped to create awareness for Whale Watch West Cork and promote our activities to a wider audience within the all important Irish home market. A less well positioned site would not have achieved this.”