Your Full Potential Manifesto: the Declaration of Your Non-Negotiables

full potential manifestoIn most cases a mission statement, declaration or manifesto is created to make it clear what an organisation’s purpose and goals are. These documents are used to inspire the people involved to work toward a common goal.

Most of you are familiar with the 10 Commandments — and probably follow most of them. For Americans, the lines of the Declaration of Independence “all men are created equal” stick in our heads. These are two examples of famous manifestos.

Now it’s time for you to declare what it is that you want, need and deserve in order to reach your full potential.

Join me this week in starting your own Full Potential Manifesto.

What Are Your Non-Negotiables?

Your Full Potential Manifesto will set out those things that are Non-Negotiable for you and make it clear for you and those in your life what your purpose and goals are and inspire you all to work together to reach your full potential.

Check out LifeHack’s 10 Insanely Awesome Inspirational Manifestos for some ideas, but remember that these are YOUR Non-Negotiables — not anyone else’s!

The act of declaring your Full Potential Manifesto will light the fire that will allow you to harness the power within you to determine what it is that you will and will not do in your life. It will make it even more clear in your thinking about what is important to you over everything else — and that you deserve to have these things that are so important to you that you will not give them up.

Non-Negotiables that aren’t ‘working for you’

Use this as an opportunity to remove habits that have been formed by negative thinking.  Do you have current Non-Negotiables that are actually holding you back because they are based on negative thoughts? Thoughts like “I won’t leave the house without make up” are probably holding you back more than moving you forward to your goals.

Don’t Have Any Non-Negotiables?

To be honest, I am struggling with this and am taking this week’s 7 Day Challenge myself. If your self belief is not strong enough or if your goals and priorities aren’t clear enough for you, you may find it hard to declare that something is non-negotiable. We all struggle with this — that’s why we are working on this now.

Don’t just push your frustration down, or use this to confirm your self doubts about your abilities and continue being unfocused. Take the Challenge and use this week to look at these items and allow yourself to make these declarations of what you want, need and deserve!

This week we are just going to get our heads around what our Non-Negotiables are.  In future weeks we will work on the best way to compose and publish the manifesto, who to share our manifestos with (if anyone) and whether we should continually update our manifestos.

Your 7 Day Challenge

  • Look at the Goals and Priorities from Step 2 of The 7 Step Maximum Productivity Process and determine which of these are your Non-Negotiables.
  • Think of other actions, beliefs, wants, needs and desires that you have that to you are Non-Negotiable.
  • List all of these in a diary or other notebook — if you don’t have one, get one now!
  • Throughout the week, work on the list and how you can make the statements stronger to truly relate how important they are for you.
  • If you have uncertainty about any item, think it through fully to determine if it’s because of issues with your own self belief and work on it until you can declare the item as a non-negotiable — or if you determine that it shouldn’t be part of your manifesto.  Just be sure that you are making that decision for the right reasons.

Post your questions or tips on determining your Non-Negotiables
in the comments below.